Shared Hosting

$10.00 USD
This service is perfect for small websites hosting a few static pages. Users interested in this service would be looking for affordable hosting of a landing page, small blog, or professional portfolio. Start your site today for just $10/yr and upgrade to larger plans as you grow.
$120.00 USD
Business users looking for affordable hosting with unlimited flexibility will find this package hard to pass up. Unlimited storage, e-mail, subdomains, and domains. You can start your site today for just $10/mo!
$50.00 USD
Fully Managed
A solution for those users who want a professional to setup and maintain their account. Something like updating your inventory or changing your menu can be handled with a simple e-mail to our staff. Transfer your existing site for free or contact to get quoted on a custom website design. Now you can keep your business running smoothly for just $50/mo.

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